Electromatic 4, Wakefield – Follow up

An amazing night

The room seemed to fill up very quickly in the half-hour between the doors opening and our first act, Jan Doyle Band. In their own inimitable, flamboyant style, they engaged with the audience straight away opening with Perfectly Damaged Mind. Later in their set, Becki from our second band, The Webb, joined them for a rendition of Fuzzbox’s Pink Sunshine, which got the audience joining in.

Next up was The Webb, whose wonderful performance really got the increasing crowd dancing. Songs such as Social Media and In A Dark Place went down a storm.

By the time we got on stage, the room was full. Very few of us remember ever seeing it that full. We had Charlotte with us for the first time on backing vocals, and it didn’t faze her at all.

Charlotte on backing vocals
Charlotte on backing vocals. Photo by Rachel Rowe
After a very brief “hello” to the audience, we kicked off with The Wall. It always seems to be a good song to start on with its mysterious, low, swelling intro into big, heavy drums and immediately recognisable synth hook.

James sings
James sings. Photo by Rachel Rowe
Simon doing his thing
Simon doing his thing. Photo by Rachel Rowe
Faye on bass
Faye on bass. Photo by Rachel Rowe
Ending with an enormous round of applause, we were running off the energy in the room, and it was terrific. Wreckage of Love was next, followed by favourites Synthetic Love and Can The Heart Be Saved.

The number of people in the audience singing along was superb. We really felt so welcome, and it showed in our performance. Just as we finished Can The Heart Be Saved, several people heard a man exclaim his appreciation from the corner of the bar. He liked it. He liked it a lot.

The set continued with the likes of The Drone, Departed, and Leaving Notes before reaching Tokyo Rooftops. Another one which went down very well.

A double-encore of Exit and Tokyo Rooftops (again) was well-received, and we felt so appreciated. Thank you to all who came.

Special thanks to Harry who made sure we all sounded on top form – and we did.

Next stop, DEF’s 2nd birthday!